Soudal Group plans to invest in its Latvian subsidiary Tenachem Ltd. to build a new warehouse. In 2020, the development of the project task was initiated and the technical design of the building will be completed in 2023. By gradually implementing the tasks of the project, it is planned to build an energy-efficient warehouse at Spodrības Street 1A by the spring of 2025. In addition to this project, Dobele Municipality has developed a project for the reconstruction of Elektrības Street with the aim of improving degraded territory in the city, providing the necessary communications for the warehouse, allowing the development of other neighboring businesses and increasing the well-being of residents. 

The main goal of the warehouse project is to build a safe and energy-efficient warehouse building at Spodrības Street 1A, which will provide the company with a capacity of 10,000 pallets for product storage and space for 6 packaging lines. In addition to the warehouse building, as part of the project, it is planned to improve the territory by building a tare storehouse, a parking lot for employees, a parking lot for trucks and an access road for trucks, which will be connected to the reconstructed Elektrības Street.

The development of the project concept started in 2019, when the needs of the company and land acquisition opportunities in the territory of Spodrības Street, Dobele were identified. In 2020, along with the purchase of the construction area on Spodrības Street, the development of the project tasks was started, for which the Architects' Office "Nams" was engaged. The designing of the warehouse was started this year, which will be completed by the end of 2023, and the construction consultant SIA "Cizeim" was attracted. After receiving the building permit, the first construction works are planned for the beginning of 2024. Along with the first construction works, events such as the laying of the Foundation Capsule and later the rafter celebration are also planned. The end of the warehouse project - commissioning of the building - is planned in the spring 2025.

The area of the warehouse building will be 5292 square meters, while the total area will be 21492 square meters, providing space for growth. The ground floor of the warehouse will include a delivery and storage area, a security room, an office for company employees, lounge and other auxiliary rooms. The second floor of the building will include office, lounge, meeting rooms, changing rooms and other rooms for the needs of the company. The third floor of the warehouse will be used for a laboratory, packing room, office premises and auxiliary premises. The fourth floor of the building will serve as a technical floor while the basement floor will serve as a communications floor. The territory will include truck parking and drivers' lounge, as well as a bicycle/motorcycle shed, a parking lot for employees with 32 car spaces and 2 of them will be equipped with a charging station for electric vehicles.

"As time passes, the building retains the actualities of the moment of construction, like a written message with a time stamp. The warehouse will be an industrial building and yet – it will carry its own story about ergonomics, energy efficiency and sustainability, about people and work," says Kaspars Morozs, project manager.

When developing the project, one of the values of Soudal Group was taken into account - sustainability, which includes energy efficiency and its improvement. A solar panel park will be installed on the roof of the warehouse building, with the aim of supporting the European Union's green course and producing environmentally friendly energy, which will be used 100% for own use, providing around 70% of electricity consumption for half of the year. Heat pump technology will be used for heating the building. To ensure convenient movement between the warehouse floors, an elevator will be built in the building, respecting the principle of environmental accessibility.

The parties involved in the project are Soudal Group, Tenachem Ltd., Architects' Office "Nams", the construction consultant SIA "Cizeim", insurance company "FM Global", Dobele Municipality, European Union funds.

The warehouse construction project is managed by Kaspars Morozs, project manager of Tenachem Ltd. Contacts: or phone +371 63722390.

Tenachem Ltd. is an international company that has established stable position in the industry of glass package sealants during 16 years of operation, thanks to the leading research and development industry and the latest technical solutions. The company exports 95% of its products to 40 countries worldwide. Customers are manufacturers of glass packages, builders, wholesalers and building material store chains.

In 2015, the company was added to the Soudal Group, with the aim of increasing its opportunities in the technical sealants market by offering a wider range of products to the company's customers. Soudal Group was founded in 1966 and is the largest independent producer of sealants, adhesives and polyurethane foams in Europe. The company has 24 factories, 77 sales offices and employs around 4,000 people worldwide.

Thanks to the support of Soudal Group, Tenachem Ltd. has set ambitious growth goals both in increasing production capacity and in acquiring new export markets.