TENACHEM is a manufacturer of glass sealants, construction adhesives, and other applications.

TENACHEM is an international company with a production facility in Dobele, Latvia, with over 30 years of development history. The company has established a strong presence in the market for glass sealants, thanks to its leading role in research and development, as well as its latest technical solutions. The company's team consists more than 100 employees, and its turnover in 2023 is close to 30 million euros.

Our customers include glass packaging manufacturers, builders, wholesalers, and construction material store chains. TENACHEM exports 99% of its products. Since 1991, TENACHEM's production has been exported to 40 different countries worldwide.

TENACHEM is one of the companies of the SOUDAL group, which expands SOUDAL's capabilities in the technical sealants market, allowing for a broader range of products for its customers. Updates and financial reports of the SOUDAL group are available here: http://www.soudalgroup.com/en/corporate-info/news.

Mission is to provide customers with modern solutions for glass construction in collaboration with industry partners, based on the company's values.

Vision is to become a progressive manufacturer and developer of chemical products.

Values are:

  • Team - creating an exciting work environment, attracting industry specialists, promoting growth, and collaborative solution development.
  • Innovation - knowledge, research, creativity, and ideas.
  • Sustainability - the environment, energy efficiency, social responsibility.
  • Safety - a safe working environment, safety starts with 'I'.


TENACHEM Ltd. has been a reliable partner for customers and suppliers for more than 30 years. TENACHEM Ltd. is among the world's leading manufacturers of sealants for the glass industry.

  • 2023In Riga Technical University, the laboratory of TENACHEM Ltd. is being opened – TENACHEM Innovation Center
  • 2015In July 2015 SOUDAL Group acquires TENACHEM Ltd.
  • 2007At the end of 2007 TENAX Ltd. subsidiary company TENACHEM Ltd. is founded.
  • 1991TENAX Ltd. is founded.