TENACHEM is the largest manufacturer of construction chemicals in the Baltic States and one of the leading suppliers of sealants for the glass industry in Europe. Thanks to its ability to keep up with the latest technology, modern equipment and high-quality products, TENACHEM is always identified as supplier you can trust.

Since 2015, TENACHEM has been part of the SOUDAL Group. With this purchase, Soudal has added a new technology to its already impressive product portfolio. In 2017 Soudal announced an increase in revenue of 12.7% to 755 million EUR. With Tenachem’s production facility, Soudal now has 19 factories across the world and around 2900 employees.

Tenachem was established 20 years ago, and from the outset has been strongly export-oriented, supplying its products to a number of large, international glass-processing firms. As a family company, its culture has a strong focus on customer satisfaction and on growth through innovation. The company's strong position is due to its pioneering R&D and its ultra-modern production facility located in Dobele, around 80 kilometers from the capital of Latvia, Riga. Tenachem has 100 employees and currently exports 95% of its products to around 40 countries worldwide. This way Soudal increases its expertise in the technical sealants market, allowing it to offer a broader range of products to its customers. With 44 branches and sales in 120 countries across the world, Soudal offers the perfect springboard for marketing Tenachem products globally.